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Strategies and technical norms

National Strategy for Surveillance, Control, and Prevention of HIV and AIDS Cases: 2004-2007

National Strategy for Prevention and Control of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI)

Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) Strategy of the Ministry of Health and Family (Draft)

Technical Norms for Implementation of No. 3, Objective 1/1: Consolidating Primary Health Care for the Provision of Reproductive Health Services in Connection with Specialty Services (The National Family Planning Program)

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Surveys and reports

Scaling Up Access To Reproductive Health Resources in Romania: Final Project Report (January 2008)

Ensuring Contraceptives for Disadvantaged Populations in Romania (March 2003)

Reproductive Health Survey Romania 2004: Summary Report

Research Evaluation of the Health Mediators Program within Roma Communities in Romania (2006)

UNOPA Peer Education in Sexual and Reproductive Health for HIV-Positive Youth in Romania (January 2007) - English

UNOPA Peer Education in Sexual and Reproductive Health for HIV-Positive Youth in Romania (January 2007) - Romanian

National HIV Anti-Discrimination Media Campaign Evaluation: Fieldwork Execution - August 2004 (Note: This is the only survey ever done after a national HIV campaign)

Introduction to Roma Culture: Exploring Cultural Diversity for Family Doctors (Published December 2007)

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Curricula and publications

RFHI Reproductive Health and Family Planning Curriculum

RFHI Family Planning

RFHI Advanced Training in Family Planning/ Reproductive Health Counseling

RFHI Training of Trainers

RFHI Roma Health Mediators Curriculum

Training of Roma Health Mediators in Reproductive Health

Mediatori sanitari - Manual formatorului SR - Romanian

Mediatori sanitari - Manual participanti SR - Romanian

Training of Trainers Curriculum for Training Roma Health Mediators in Reproductive Health

Training of Trainers Roma Health Mediators in Reproductive Health: Manual formator - Romanian

Training of Trainers Roma Health Mediators in Reproductive Health: Manual participanti - Romanian

PAC Curriculum

RFHI PAC Curriculum - Romanian

RFHI PAC Curriculum PA - Romanian

RFHI PAC Curriculum PP - Romanian

Managing Contraception Pocket Guide

Managing Contraception Pocket Guide

Ghid Managementul Contraceptiei - Romanian

VCT Curriculum

Pre and Post HIV Test Counseling

Consilierea pre- si post-test HIV - Romanian

Prenatal Training Package

RFHI Antenatal and Postnatal Care: A Training Curriculum

Prenatal Care Cue-cards - Romanian

OB-GYN Exam Video: Users' Guide - Romanian

OB-GYN Exam Video: CD Cover - Romanian

Cervical Cancer Curriculum

Cervical Cancer Curriculum

Avian Influenza Curriculum

Avian Influenza: Prevention, Response and Control

Avian PPE Brochure - Romanian

KAP Study Resume - Romanian

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Other Publications

Press Release for "True Women" soap opera series

InterCON 1.0 User Manual - Logistics System

Thoughts for My Colleagues - from Roma Health Mediators

"Open Your Eyes, Open Your Heart" HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign - Photo Slideshow

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Tables and graphs

Trends in contraceptive prevalence, the abortion rate, and the fertility rate - Romania 1993-2004

Percentage of population who do not use any contraceptive methods, by sex and ethnicity (RHS 2004)

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Posters and maps

Family Planning National Coverage Map

RFHI Urban Map

Roma Health Mediators trained in Reproductive Health

PAC Posters


2002 AIDS poster - Romanian

2002 HIV poster - Romanian

2003-2004 HIV poster - Romanian

2006 AIDS concerts poster - Romanian

2007 HIV and AIDS poster - Romanian

2007 HIV and AIDS flyer - Romanian

AIDS flyer - Romanian

Open Your Eyes poster

Avian Influenza

Avian Flu Map

2005 Avian Influenza poster - Romanian

2005 Avian Influenza flyer - Romanian

2005 Avian Influenza sticker - Romanian

2006 Avian Influenza poster - Romanian

2006 Avian Influenza children's flyer - Romanian

2007 Influenza Fever card - Romanian

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