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RFHI Prenatal Care Component (2002-2006)

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In the second year of the project, 2002, RFHI addressed another important national need—the high maternal mortality ratio. The MOPH initiated the revision of prenatal and postnatal protocols for primary health care with the support of a group of international donors, including USAID through the RFHI. RFHI formulated a set of recommendations for the MOPH to consider including in its three-pronged strategy to decrease maternal mortality:
  • Improving the medical infrastructure for services provided to pregnant women
  • Improving the quality of pre and postnatal care consultation
  • Educating the population about healthy maternity practices
RFHI supported MOPH efforts by developing an implementation model applicable at the district level as well as a tool kit synthesizing protocols and standardizing pelvic and obstetrical consultations in the first and third trimester of pregnancy. The MOPH disseminated the tool kit to all family doctors working in primary health care nationwide.

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Main Activities

  • Supported the MOPH technically for developing a strategy to address maternal mortality
  • Developed a training curriculum for family doctors to develop gynecological and obstetrical examination skills, based on practical exercises using pelvic models
  • Trained local gynecologists to facilitate training sessions and to rebuild links between family doctors and the hospitals providing obstetric care in the same area
  • Procured 24 pelvic and abdominal models (another 24 were provided by UNFPA)
  • Provided supplementary training to family doctors working in rural communities and already trained in FP, to develop the overall quality of reproductive health services in rural areas

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Key Results

  • RFHI developed training curricula for prenatal care that will continue to be used.
  • 119 obstetricians trained as facilitators conducted sessions on prenatal care for 2,925 family doctors.
  • Trainings built professional ties between family doctors and ob/gyns working in neighborhood hospitals.
  • The DPHAs distributed 12,850 packets of instruments developed by RFHI and entitled Key Elements in Prenatal Care to all family doctors.

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