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RFHI Domestic Violence Component (2002-2006)

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The World Health Organization designated violence against women a public health problem, based on its immediate and long-term impact on mental and physical health. The first structured reaction to the phenomenon of violence against women in Romania came from civil society in 1995 when several NGOs reacted to gaps in the social system by starting programs to address violence against women. In this context, RFHI's strategy was to support the formation of a coalition of active NGOs as a way to improve communication, build partnerships, and work together to better address domestic violence in Romania. JSI's served as the facilitator for the formation and evolution of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence during the project period.

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Main Activities

  • Created the National Coalition Against Violence — a joint effort of RFHI and the Partnership for Equality Center (CPE).
  • Assessed the institutional capacity and domestic violence activities of all NGOs identified as active and created the first database of existing domestic violence services.
  • Implemented several awareness-raising events to draw attention to and provide support for violence prevention activities in Romania
  • Created and supported the Domestic Violence Steering Committee and convened meetings to update and revise the national domestic violence strategy.
  • Provided ongoing technical assistance and support to the Domestic Violence Coalition to advocate for new legislation and support to agencies addressing domestic violence in Romania

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Key Results

  • Completion and update of a database documenting NGO activities in the field of violence against women. In 2003, RFHI nationally disseminated a CD with the database.
  • Initiation of NGO coordination to form the National Coalition Against Violence to build awareness and to fight violence against women.
  • Technical assistance in drafting the national strategy and logistics support to the MOPH's Inter-ministerial Working Group mandated to design the national strategy against domestic violence.
  • Signature of a cooperation protocol between the General Police Inspectorate and the National Coalition, which represented the first public recognition by a governmental institution of the Coalition's importance and role in the field of domestic violence.
  • Signature of two collaboration protocols between the National Agency for Family Protection (NAFP) and the National Coalition, which formalized the role of the Coalition as a partner to government in the design and implementation of the national strategy.
  • Several awareness campaigns conducted by the National Coalition and the NAFP, with technical and financial support from RFHI and USAID, particularly the 16 International Days of Activism Against Domestic Violence campaigns held for the past four years.

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