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Romanian Family Health Initiative Encourages Media to Discuss Modern Contraception as a Daily Subject

The Romanian Family Health Initiative's (RFHI) partner, Population Services International (PSI) Romania, developed and implemented "Un Subiect Codian" (A Daily Subject) media campaign to increase the quality and quantity of media articles on hormonal contraception.

The Daily Subject media campaign was designed to increase journalists' knowledge on the importance of making modern contraception a daily subject rather than a topic presented once a year on International Women's Day. The campaign was launched in March 2003 at a press event with 45 journalists and the major national media stations. The event presented the objectives of the campaign and a contest that was designed to motivate journalists to both increase coverage of modern contraception and provide accurate information from a positive perspective.

Image of graphics for the campaign A Daily Subject

Over the following five months, RFHI distributed Daily Subject fact sheets entitled; "Hormonal Contraception Decreases the Risk of Genital Cancers," "Beauty, Femininity & Contraception," "Clearing up Misconceptions on Emergency Contraception," and "Non-Contraceptive Benefits of Hormonal Contraception." Journalists and media were provided with key websites where they could find more in-depth information and research on modern contraception.

In 2004, PSI Romania used the Daily Subject approach at the local level in 12 different counties focusing key activities in the three RFHI pilot counties of Iasi, Cluj and Dolj.

After the campaign, 60 journalists went on to write more than 150 print articles, and more than 10 television and radio programs presented information on modern contraceptive choices. At the final press event, JSI Romania Director Dr. Merce Gasco thanked journalists for their interest and participation. "It is exciting and rewarding to see the involvement of the media in the Romanian Family Health Initiative. It is even more important that journalists have learned the importance of providing correct and consistent information on modern contraceptives to Romanian couples!"

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